Our success in Gargouri Emballages did not come by chance but with a firm willingness for continuous improvements to reach excellency.

In 1991

Gargouri Emballages was founded in 1991 with the aim of meeting the requirements of the mother company SOTUFAP-Fleurtex.

Courageously, it had been launched with major investment programs and has experienced over the years a continuous and steady development
It has intensified its efforts, diversified its markets and multiplied its successes always having as a first concern the quality of its products and its services.

In 1998

In order to diversify its products, Gargouri Emballages Company has distinguished itself in Tunisia by a new product “aerosol cans” manufactured by a very high-tech automatic chain which witnessed a great success.

In 2002

In the light of the profound changes witnessed in the economic and industrial environment, Gargouri Emballages has focused its development on the food processing industries with new products ” plastic boxes and buckets” of different shapes and capacities.

Being carefully respectful to the standards required by the food processing sector, Gargouri Emballages has gained a lot of momentum in this field.

In 2004

Gargouri Emballages has followed the latest technological advancements and intensified its printing capabilities on plastic packaging through the acquisition of new printing technologies considered the most recent in the field of packaging.
These products enabled the Company to rip out, in 2004, the best packaging Award in Tunisia by Packtec.

In 2005

To preserve and improve its success, Gargouri Emballages has set up its quality management system and obtains the certificate of conformity according to the requirements of the  ISO 9001 version 2000 standards.

In 2006

By becoming more involved in the food processing sector, Gargouri Emballages Company has adopted good hygiene practices in its manufacturing processes for plastic boxes and buckets and obtains the certificate of conformity according to the requirements of British Retail Consortium/Iop.

In 2007

Gargouri Emballages Company  adopts a new technique for decorating plastic packaging with IML labels stickered on buckets through the intensity of the injection heat. This decoration gives a beautiful image on the packaging and a value for the content. In parallel, Gargouri Emballages  further develops an OFFSET decoration technique and offers its customers a better choice of decoration and a good printing quality.

In 2008

Gargouri Emballages won the new Best Packaging Award « Star Pack 2008 » for the new products : Small trays .

In 2009

Driven by its ambition for the best, Gargouri Emballages,Company has set up its food safety management system according to ISO 22000 V 2005 standards and obtained the certificate in October 2009..

In parallel and during the same year, Gargouri Emballages Company succeeded to promote its quality management system in order to meet ISO 9001 Standards requirements and obtained the certificate of conformity according to the new  2008 version..

In 2010

Through this year, Gargouri Emballages, won the best package Award “Star Pack 2010” for olive oil Jerrycans: it is the metal packaging best suited to contain the olive oil.

In 2012

Gargouri Emballages, launches on the packaging market a new type of product: this time, it is a “capping lid” allowing the protection of the contents of the metal box after its opening. This product has been much appreciated by the food processing industry: for Tuna , Flour Sweetness (halvah) …

In 2014

Gargouri Emballages, Company made a surprise to its customers in the food processing industry with a new product “Fluted Jar” of small volume which is very convenient to use and with which Gargouri Emballages, Company, won the best packaging Award “Star Pack 2016”

In 2017

In 2017, and with its quality system, Gargouri Emballages sets up the new design of the quality management system according to the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standards and successfully obtained the certificate.