Our Values


Quality is in detail is our pride, we stick to the fact of exercising our different professions with seriousness, with a concern for quality, precision, punctuality, economical management of our means and in the respect of the applicable rules .

Rigour and Serious attitude

The key to success is certainly closely dependent on the rigor of the process pilots leaders and anyone operating in the organization.To give importance to any work , even minor, reflects the serious attitude and the conscience because , in order to build , one must always have the solid bases.

Hygiene is our culture

 Most of our customers are in the food industry. That’s why food safety is a must-have value. This is why Gargouri Emballages Company intends to continue, through prevention, training and the provision of adequate equipment, an objective of improving the culture and food safety conditions on its exploitation sites and within its infrastructures.


This value is paramount. It requires mutual listening, cooperation and goodwill towards others, both in the relationships we have in the company and in those we have with other stakeholders.

Team work spirit

Working together, in a climate of trust and solidarity, to build on each other’s strengths and talents in order to achieve common goals and strengthening the cohesion and team spirit will be assets to meet the concerns and challenges ahead. We all know that a united and supportive team develops an efficient and quality work dynamic


Transparency is clarity in all relationships between the various parties acting within or outside the company. It is the progress bill.